A disciple is someone who has moved beyond simply believing on Jesus for salvation and has begun to discipline their life to follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus is our savior but he is also our LORD. This course will ground you in some basics of being a disciple of Jesus.

​​​​​​​We cover Assurance of Salvation, Mind Renewal, New Covenant Identity, Relationship with God and Victorious Living. This course was originally developed by Dr. James B. Richards as The Sponsoring Program.

Making the Journey from BELIEVER to DISCIPLE
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What's In This Course?

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: Assurance of Salvation

Lesson Three: Renewing the Mind

Lesson Four: New Identity

Lesson Five: Following Christ

Lesson Six: Relationship with God

Lesson Seven: Conquering Strongholds

Lesson Eight: Final Thoughts